Knowledge, Insight & Relevant Targeting

Business objectives don’t change but consumers have. So in the business world, knowledge of the customer is an opportunity for competitive advantage and profit.

At Afghanistan Yellow Pages ( Advertising we pride ourselves on our ability to bring you knowledge, insight and an unprecedented targeting ability of consumer audiences.

More than Hundred Thousands of visitors navigate our listings more than 2 million times every week across our site. That equates to a lot of business related knowledge into your customers lives, both online and offline.

It allows us to help you personalize your campaigns and ensure your creative message can thrive whatever sector your business is in.

In an advertising market where context is increasingly king we can deliver you an environment that suits commercial conversations like no other.

Discover Display ADS

Not only is Afghanistan Yellow Pages possibly one of the Afghanistan’s largest commercial environment for consumers but it also represents one of the most exciting opportunities for display advertising too.

As a business listing vehicle, Afghanistan Yellow Pages offers a strong brand, a trusted environment and a deep relationship with its visitors.

Imagine your brand being able to reach potential customers based on their actual purchasing behavior. Blend that with huge reach and consumer openness to commercial messages and you have one of the strongest display advertising propositions on the internet.

Display Advertising

Display advertising works in a variety of ways. For some it is about pure branding-building. For some it is about evoking an immediate response. For others it lies somewhere in between. Display advertising on Afghanistan Yellow Pages works in harmony with our commercial environment. So whatever your objectives, when you advertise with Afghanistan Yellow Pages our unique targeting capabilities ensure that your message is always relevant and never wasted.

Find out how our unique targeting systems help your display advertising work harder for your business, so don’t hesitate and Contact us.


The Afghanistan Yellow Pages is one of the most loyal online. Time spent on Afghanistan Yellow Pages is an involved and often emotional experience. Our integrated partnerships help your brand to access the trust our visitors have with us and become fully involved in the Afghanistan Business Directory experience.

Find out how partnerships can work for your brand and read about the success of others who have already benefited. So don’t hesitate and Contact us.